"When Crime Appears" by McGloin, Sullivan, and Kennedy

Criminological Theory Development & Testing

Our faculty members are engaged in expanding and testing established criminological theories, offering new theoretical perspectives, and using multidisciplinary approaches to study theoretically-relevant issues that cut across various...

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Juvenile Delinquency

Criminal Justice Policy & Practice

Our department is actively involved in assessing the effectiveness of policy interventions and advancing knowledge regarding the salient factors that shape various outcomes in the criminal justice system. Faculty...

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"Putting Terrorism in Context" by LaFree, Dugan, and Miller

Emergent Issues in Crime & Justice

Emergent issues in crime and justice present unique challenges and opportunities for researchers and policy-makers. Drawing upon expertise from multiple disciplines, our faculty investigate timely and important questions related to violence...

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Understanding Crime Statistics by James Lynch

Statistical Methods & Data Analysis

CCJS faculty have been among the leaders in the discipline when it comes to utilizing cutting edge research designs, statistical methods and data analysis to investigate key issues in criminology and criminal justice.  Experimental methods...

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